Sun Valley Fall Training Camp 2016

October 28, 2016

The camp provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable time on skis in excellent training conditions that rarely exist in the Pacific NW. i.e.  world class grooming  and sunny skies.   Last year’s camp was amazing with perfect sunny conditions and corduroy groomers the entire time, with some of the kids skiing over 30,000 vertical feet a day,  each run is 3800 vertical feet! The ski area is closed to the public so athletes get to ski as fast as they want with no lines!

The camp is 5 days of skiing. On the fifth day we train and then drive home returning to Hood River between 8-10pm.

This camp is for  U19s, U-16’s, U-14’s, and U-12s who are on the  USSA Training Group, Jr. Competition  or Training Team.


SCHEDULE (5 days of training, 1 day of travel)

Travel – Vans Leaves Friday November 18th @  10am from Hood River Starbucks

Training: Saturday

Training: Sunday

Training:  Monday

Training: Tuesday

Training and return home: Wednesday 23

Training: Wednesday 23rd,  leaving SV at 2pm Arriving in Hood River approximately 8-10 PM

Cost $1120. Spots are limited, email Shana to reserve a spot. $400 Deposit due by October 25th.

Recent Photos

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