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April 25, 2014

CSRT’s Mt.Bike Club provides opportunities for kids to learn new and work on existing Mt.Bike skills while exploring local trails with friends and trained staff. We believe great ski racers do more than just ski and Mt.Biking allows for young skiers to work on basic alpine fundamentals on dirt rather than snow.  Our Development Sessions focus fun, improvement, adventure, team building.  Kids are welcome to come for 3 sessions at a time or make a summer out of it, riding through July and and August.

Mt.Bike Development Sessions 

CSRT’s MT. Bike  Club’s Youth Development sessions are for ages 10+. These sessions emphasize fun, technique, proper equipment care and use, trail etiquette and stewardship.  Riders will work on improving coordination and balance while exploring trails and having fun with their friends. Each day will focus on fundamentals: looking ahead, bike/body separation, and athletic stance.  The first hour is dedicated to drills and technique and the second hour will consist of a one to two hour Mt. Bike ride. The length and technical difficulty of the ride will depend on the number and ability of riders present. Athletes will be divided into groups according to age and ability level.  15 days of instruction are available. It is advised the rider attends three sessions consecutively, Tuesday–Thursday, however the punch card format allows riders to participate on any of the days or sessions offered, consecutive or otherwise.

For more information go to the Mt.Bike Page or download the registration packet and brochure. 

2014 CSRT MT. Bike Sessions registration packet

2014 Cooper Spur Race Team MT.Bike Sessions Info Sheet

When: 9AM – 11:30AM

Session 1: July 1-3

Session 2: July 15-17

Session 3: July 29-31

Session 4: August 12-14

Session 5: August 26-28

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